Advantages to Digital

The basic advantages to Digital include:

  • Lower costs on short runs
  • No set up charges or plates
  • A faster turnaround
  • Higher quality
  • Lots of flexibility
Digital CS Stand Up Pouches Printer - Advantages To Digital

The driving forces of Digital technology mean that marketeers and designers could be missing a trick if they don’t explore options when it comes to the Advantages to digital including digital print. Your product needs to really stand out, and more importantly, have a long lasting effect.

Packaging is a crucial motivator before deciding to buy and in today’s’ market, so using Digital print to make you the winner of a consumer’s choice, then forging engagement to make customers come back for more, is now a true possibility.

Short runs save cost

One of the advantages to digital is that If you are looking at getting your marketing messaging completely transformed Digital is ideal for short-run manufacturing. With minimum order quantities starting from as little as 5000, which can be over multiple sorts, it’s ideal for just-in-time pouch manufacturing making costly storage of and overstocking a thing of the past.

BUT there is much more to it than that. Wouldn’t it be much nicer knowing you can plan your pouches with a much shorter lead time, getting what you want when you want and having the support of a supplier who completes the entire process in-house? All possible with CS Pouches, and at the quality you would expect!

Does your company have a large range requiring regular changes?

Another one of the advantages to digital is that, as a Digital press doesn’t require plates, it offers a cost effective and speedy solution for companies with an extensive product range. Another major advantage for marketeers is the ability to plan campaigns at much shorter notice.

For example many of our clients previously held pouch stock in a warehouse somewhere, gathering dust and not much else. Campaigns get changed, cut off early or even cancelled creating waste both in terms of product, time and cost. How much of your budget is tied up in product left on the shelf or wasted?

Do you want to run promotions or personalise your labels?

The real marketing benefits as a marketeer or packaging designer are engagement. You know how important your visual brand is when it comes to connecting with the consumer and encouraging loyalty over your competitors.

One of the final advantages to digital is that we can personalise your pouches with names, addresses, photographs, bar codes, numbering, sell by dates or any other variable data. We can incorporate your database into the pouch design and as a result offering you unlimited marketing opportunities.

Big, small, Digital can do it all. A growing use for Digital print is in the artisan food and drink sector. The ability to offer many variations of products with the added advantage of high quality graphics.

To conclude... The only barrier to getting the most out of digitally printed flexible pouches is your imagination. Embracing this process with CS Pouches is a sure fire way to enhance brand awareness and generate real financial benefits.