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Enhance your products with our easy-to-open tear notch pouches that also reseal securely, all while matching your brand's style. With various materials, sizes, and custom designs, we make sure your packaging feels just right for your brand. Our pouches not only make your products user-friendly but also look great on the shelf.

At, we're proud of our top-notch recyclable pouch EZtear system. We've spent years making it the best. Our Recyclable pouches are special, with a tear quality that's the best in the business.

At we understand the power of user-centric packaging. Our custom tear notch pouches are designed to redefine user experience and give your brand the spotlight it deserves. Empower your customers to seamlessly access your products with our user-friendly tear notch pouches.

Why Use Tear Notches on Your Pouches?

Think of tear notches as smart additions to your pouches. They make them easy to open, so customers can quickly get to your products after they're sealed. This means no fuss for them and your product stays safe. Tampered pouches are easy to spot, for total peace of mind. The tear notch is just below the seal, making sure only the right person can open it.

While tear notches aren't a universal feature on all of our pouches, the presence of them is undeniably advantageous for customers. Using tear notch pouches means your products stay sealed and reach customers in great condition, preserving their freshness. can help you make your pouches stand out by applying your logo, designs and your choice of materials to them. At, we're not just about providing you with good packaging – we'll make your packaging pouches uniquely tailored for your products.

Tear Notches For Many Different Pouch Styles

Tear notches work well with different pouch styles like Stand Up Pouches, Lay Flat Pouches, and RecyclaFilm Recyclable Pouches. These little features are useful for many packaging needs, making sure every pouch is easy to use and works the way it should.

Whether it's the compact design of Stand Up Pouches, the sleek look of Lay Flat Pouches, or the green choice of RecyclaFilm Recyclable Pouches, adding tear notches to your packaging pouches make them easier to open while keeping what makes them unique.

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Custom Tear Notch Pouches for your Industry’s needs

Our custom tear notch pouches are designed to cater to a wide range of industries. From food and beverages to cosmetics and chemicals, our tear notch pouches offer a flexible packaging solution that caters to the unique needs of your industry. Whether you're packaging aromatic coffee or delicate cosmetics, our pouches are easy to open, can be sealed again, and keep your products safe. Providing custom solutions that make your packaging stand out.

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Elevate Your Packaging with's Custom Tear Notch Pouches

With our expertise in creating custom tear notch pouches, we can help your brand stand out. Our team is ready to work with you to design packaging that grabs attention and beats the competition.

Get started today by contacting us. Let's talk about your unique packaging needs and create a strategy for packaging success.

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