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A few things to consider when choosing the perfect pouch for food products:

  • Shelf life: By choosing materials like METPET which offer excellent barriers against oxygen, light, moisture, and heat, your product can maintain its freshness and aroma for an extended period of time.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly pouches offer comparable versatility in both functionality and aesthetics, delivering an efficient packaging option that can easily match the performance of any traditional pouch materials. Find out more about our sustainable product here.
  • Suitability: Your product could be improved by adding a zipper for resealability or a euroslot if a sachet is your choice of packaging. See here the variety of features that can be incorporated into your pouch.
  • Visibility: Opting for a pouch with a window can enhance product visibility, potentially influencing a consumer's decision to purchase. These windows can be tailored to any shape or size, allowing for complete customisation.
  • Perceived value: Premium packaging materials and design can give consumers the impression of a high-quality, luxury product, while more basic packaging may suggest a lower-priced, budget option. (Have a look at the different finishes that your pouch can have here).

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