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At, we believe in the transformative impact our Custom K-Seal Stand-Up Pouches have on your product.

These innovative packaging solutions are meticulously designed to revolutionise user experience while elevating your brand presence.

Our bespoke K-Seal pouches allow your customers to effortlessly access your products, and develop a natural affinity with your brand.

Unlock the potential of your brand with our Custom K-Seal Stand-Up Pouches, ensuring a seamless and memorable customer journey.

Custom K-Seal Stand Up Pouches Crafted to Make You Stand Out

Our Custom K-Seal Stand Up Pouches are carefully crafted to make your products stand up and help your brand stand out. At, we understand how important packaging is for showing off your brand's unique style. That's why we give all our valued customers the chance to create their own custom K-seal pouches. You can choose from a wide range of materials, sizes, finishes, and designs to get pouches that fit your packaging needs perfectly.

What are K-Seal Stand Up Pouches and Why Should You Use Them?

The name 'K-seal' derives from the distinctive triangular sealed base, resembling the letter 'K' when viewed with a touch of imagination. This innovative base construction not only adds a touch of visual appeal but also enables the packaging to stand up, enhancing the stability and presentation of the stand-up pouch. Ideal for packing bulk materials or larger volumes of liquid products like screenwash, the K-seal stand-up pouch ensures your goods are securely stored and beautifully showcased.

Get Unmatched Size Flexibility: Shape Your Pouches to Perfection

One of the unique features of our K-Seal Stand Up Pouches is their adaptability. With us, you can say goodbye to traditional tooling costs. The K-Seal Pouch is fully adjustable, ranging from just 80mm wide to an impressive 320mm wide, accommodating a wide range of product sizes. Additionally, the height of the K-Seal can be tailored to fit the size of the gusset. This remarkable flexibility allows you customers to choose from an extensive selection of sizes, meeting your product’s exact requirements.

This table shows the different sizes of K-seal pouches you can choose from.

100g 120mm 150mm 50mm
150g 130mm 170mm 50mm
200g 140mm 200mm 50mm
250g 150mm 230mm 60mm
500g 170mm 260mm 80mm
750g 190mm 280mm 90mm
1kg 210mm 300mm 110mm
1.5kg 320mm 305mm 120mm
2kg 350mm 305mm 110mm

Experience Packaging Beyond Standard Dimensions:

While the table above highlights an array of standard sizes, it's vital to recognize that this compilation merely scratches the surface. Partnering with us grants you the liberty to handpick any pouch size that suits your needs. At, we take pride in offering the most expansive range of sizes in the UK. Whether it's custom packaging for petite samples, substantial quantities, or anything that bridges the gap, our K-Seal pouches are designed to be a canvas tailored to your exact specifications.

Enhance Your K-Seal Stand Up Pouches With Our Stunning Finishes

At, we offer you a captivating assortment of finishes that will take your K-Seal pouches to the next level. Our commitment to enhancing the look, feel, and durability of your packaging shines through in every finish we offer. From sleek and modern to timeless and sophisticated, our range of finishes allows you to add a personalised touch that resonates with your brand's identity.

Whether you're aiming for a striking visual impact, a tactile sensation that engages your customers, or a finish that withstands the rigours of transportation and handling, our options have got you covered.

Matt Finish

Matt Sample

Elevate your product's allure by selecting a refined and non-glossy matt finish. This exquisite touch adds a touch of class, providing your product with a premium presence when showcased on retail shelves.

Gloss Finish

Glass Sample

For those looking for a polished and contemporary look, a gloss finish is the perfect choice. Boasting a lustrous and reflective exterior, it's bound to captivate the attention of potential customers, imparting a modern flair that sets your product apart.

Soft Touch Finish

Soft Touch CS Pouches

To craft an unparalleled and lasting impression, consider selecting our Soft Touch finish—an exceptional option. This distinctive texture provides a delicate tactile sensation akin to feathers, elevating the engagement factor and leaving people with a lasting impression upon touch.

Get Your Custom K-Seal Pouch in 5 Easy Steps…

Bespoke K-Seal Pouches for your Industry’s needs

Our K-Seal stand up pouches are specifically crafted to meet the needs of various industries. From snacks and pet food to bakery products and frozen food products, our stand up pouches provide a versatile packaging solution that perfectly aligns with the specific demands of your industry. Whether you're looking to package delicious snacks or essential vitamins, our pouches guarantee convenience, freshness, and product safety, at we pride ourselves in offering customised solutions that enhance the packaging of your brand in every aspect.

Sports Nutrition

K Seal Sports Nutrition2


K Seal Bakery

Dry Mixes & Spices

K Seal Dry Mix

Frozen Food

K Seal Frozen Foods


K Seal Sports Nutrition

Elevate Your Packaging with's Bespoke K-Seal Pouches

With our know-how in making custom k-seal stand up pouches, we can help your brand stand out from your competitors. Our team is ready to work with you to deliver packaging that gets attention and boosts your product sales.

Get started today by getting in touch with us.. Let's talk about your unique packaging needs and create packaging that drives success.

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