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2 Sided Pouch

2 Side Seal

3sided Pouch

3 Side Seal

A side seal pouch also known as a lay flat bag is a pouch without a gusset and sealed along two or three edges, ready to be filled. Available in an array of materials with barrier films for food products (if required), these are often the most economical choice for pouches.

Custom pouch sizes

Use our size guidelines to help you determine the ideal pouch size for your product:

30g 80mm 100mm
100g 120mm 150mm
250g 150mm 230mm
500g 170mm 260mm
1.5kg 245mm 340mm
3 Sided Seal With Height And Width

Need a custom printed single use sachet?

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Customised features will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of selling your product

Zip Seal

Zip Seal



Rounded 2


Window 1squared


Pouches Euroslatsquared


We use only premium food grade materials, printed in high-definition with eco-friendly ink

Traditional (MetPet, Clear Pet)
Multi-layer laminates with high barrier properties for any industry. Our high barrier laminates enable us to reduce the overall amount of material used without compromising the integrity of any product packed.

Recyclable (RecyclaFilm Mono, RecyclaFilm Paper)
Our 100% recyclable material range has been developed to offer our customers a more sustainable material option, whilst hosting barrier properties that still enable them to pack with complete confidence.

PE/PE and PE/EVOH/PE have become hugely popular in recent years due to their brilliant barrier properties and recyclable ability, while still being a great material to print on.

Our compostable range is built from sustainable and renewable materials, meaning that under the correct conditions they will break down in a specified timeframe.

Get that desired shelf appeal!

Customised features will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of selling your product.

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Choosing the right finish can affect the look, feel and durability of your pouch

Choose a matt finish for a more sophisticated look.
Choose a gloss finish for a sleek, modern look.
Choose a soft touch finish for a feather like experience, making it more memorable and engaging.

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