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We recommend either a MetPet barrier or EVOH barrier for these types of products.

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3 Side Seal

Use our size guidelines to help you determine the ideal pouch size for your product:

30g 80mm 100mm
50g 110mm 170mm
100g 120mm 150mm
250g 150mm 230mm
500g 170mm 230mm
1kg 210mm 305mm
3 Sided Seal With Height And Width

Stand-up Pouch

Use our size guidelines to help you determine the ideal pouch size for your product:

50g 110mm 170mm 50mm
100g 120mm 150mm 50mm
250g 150mm 230mm 60mm
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Dry meat pouches vs box packaging

Stand up pouches are flexible packaging options that offer a host of advantages over traditional boxes. For starters, they take up much less space than traditional boxes. There is less unused volume and they easily pack down, whereas boxes typically don’t.

Furthermore, pouches don’t require additional lining or protection. Pouches come with all the barrier materials that they need pre-fabricated into their design. There is no need to add them afterwards, as is sometimes the case with boxes.

Boxes also struggle to maintain the freshness of the jerky during the time that it spends in the supply chain. They may not provide adequate barrier function, allowing moisture and oxygen to get in and react with the food. Again, food pouches correct this issue by using advanced materials.

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