Biltong Pouches

Keeping beef jerky fresh and appetising requires the right packaging. That’s where our pouches can help. We create standup bags that not only keep jerky fresh but make it look great too. In addition to this, our biltong pouches are manufactured in an ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and AA food-rated BRCGS Accredited site. Enquire now to find out more about our pouches and the many advantages they offer.

The History of Biltong
Biltong has a really interesting past. Born out of necessity, when Dutch settlers arrived in South Africa the hot climate created a need to store meat without it going off as refrigeration wasn't yet available. The resourceful ‘Voortrekkers’ had to find another solution.

By hanging out the South African meat to dry, it developed a thicker, harder outer coating, while sealing in the rich flavour on the inside. It was soon discovered that not only would the meat last for months, it also created a whole new eating sensation, with intensified flavour and texture.

Designing Your Bespoke Biltong Pouch Packaging
With our digital printing, designing and creating your bespoke biltong pouch packaging is easy. We use digital tools to tweak your designs, effectively eliminating the risk of human error. Furthermore, if there’s something that you don’t like about your packaging, you can change it on the go. Just tell us what you want to change and we will update our printing processes.

Different Biltong Flavours & Seasonal Designs - We Print Them ALL

If you're looking to market test new branding, flavours, or even release specials but are concerned about the 'cost of change', cast your worries aside. With no origination costs (printing plates) and manageable order volumes, going to market with one-offs, limited editions or seasonal ranges has never been easier!

“By adding a festive element to the packaging with a colour change, glitter or ribbons, you’re adding what people are looking for during this period,”

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Legal Requirements

When packaging for your products, it’s imperative that you stay up-to-date with the latest legal requirements. To keep up to date with the latest legal packaging requirements, visit the Government website by clicking here.

Using barcodes also keeps your product compliant.

The international standard for barcodes is the GS1 which is based on numbers. Other common barcode types are available such as GLN which can be used to identify any legal or physical location of the supplier. EAN barcodes and codes are used for organisational identification.

For GS1 barcodes, there are rules that must be followed including:

  • The total length on the full label size (165mm).
  • The barcode should be limited to 48 characters.
  • If your barcode is a GS1-128 barcode symbol, it’s limited to 35 symbol characters in total.
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What Are the Benefits of Using Pouches for Biltong?

Packaging beef jerky successfully is challenging. But our biltong pouch packaging offers a host of benefits that you’ll love.


Our jerky pouches can include a resealable zip. This allows consumers to extend the life of the product, keeping it fresh in the refrigerator once opened. Although, we’re sure that it’s too tasty not to finish!

Tear notches

All our biltong pouches have tear notches that make them easy to open for consumers who want to consume beef jerky on the go. Tear notches allow the packaging to open cleanly.

Windowed options

Windowed beef jerky packaging can make the product more appealing and encourage consumers to purchase on impulse.


Make your packaging versatile - give it a euroslot so it can be hung at POS stations!

HD Print

Our advanced printing technology allows you to add specific imagery, allowing you to use stunning imagery of your product.

High barrier films

We also make heavy use of high barrier films. This material provides oxygen, scent and moisture barrier function, preventing the jerky inside from spoiling or emitting fragrance before the consumer opens the product.


Modern consumers are more concerned than ever before about the eco-friendliness of their packaging. We believe in minimising the use of beef jerky packaging wherever possible.

Food-grade packaging

Our pouches are perfect for foodstuffs. Pairing your branding with our packaging could be the perfect combination!

Eye-catching designs

We print in high-definition and convert with digital precision. Give your product shelf appeal making it the star of the retail shelf!

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    The Difference Between Biltong and Jerky

    The main difference between the two popular snacks is the preparation. Jerky is pre-cut before being dried, whereas biltong meat is dried whole, then cut into servings delivering a softer texture as opposed to the chewier jerky alternative.

    Jerky packaging differs from other savoury snacks like pretzels and crisps because jerky products typically require a high barrier film lamination to ensure optimal freshness.

    High-barrier films help to preserve product freshness while providing a strong protective barrier against oxygen, moisture, and odor. The right film and seal aids in keeping these elements out, but the use of an oxygen absorber inside the pouch or bag is also a good idea. These work to prevent the growth of mould and microorganisms by keeping air out, maintaining an oxygen level close to zero during the entire life of the product.

    When exploring closure options, consider that for larger, multiple-serving jerky bags, a resealable zipper is a great choice that allows consumers to close the bag for future use. This functionality allows for easy grab and go snacking, and also helps keep the jerky fresh in between snacking.

    Single-serving jerky bags may not need a zipper, but we encourage you to explore using a tear notch to allow the package to be easily opened. For single-serve meat stick snacks packaged in other forms of flexible film (other than a pouch), using a peelable film is an easy way for consumers to open the package and remove the stick in one easy peel.


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    Pouches Vs Box Packaging

    Stand up pouches are flexible packaging options that offer a host of advantages over traditional boxes. For starters, they take up much less space than traditional boxes. There is less unused volume and they easily pack down, whereas boxes typically don’t.

    Furthermore, pouches don’t require additional lining or protection. Pouches come with all the barrier materials that they need pre-fabricated into their design. There is no need to add them afterwards, as is sometimes the case with boxes.

    Boxes also struggle to maintain the freshness of the jerky during the time that it spends in the supply chain. They may not provide adequate barrier function, allowing moisture and oxygen to get in and react with the food. Again, food pouches correct this issue by using advanced materials.

    So, are you interested in CS Pouches’ biltong packaging? For more information about biltong pouches or to speak to a representative, get in touch.

    Popular Biltong Pouch Sizes

    3-Sided Seal Pouches

    Featuring tear-notches, Euroslots and resealable zips

    • 30g
    • 50g
    • 100g
    • 250g
    • 500g
    • 1kg

    Stand-Up Pouches

    Featuring tear-notches, Euroslots and resealable zips

    • 50g
    • 100g
    • 250g

    Some pack weights differ by 5-10g (e.g. 50g vs 55g) but pack size should still be sufficient.

    Pouch sizes will vary and be confirmed during the quoting/order process.

    We are able to manufacture to your specifications if required.

    we understand Biltong!

    We can deliver the best packaging to enhance your consumers' experience!