Custom Roll Stock
Film Packaging

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Choose traditional or paper based film

We supply the printed film on a roll to your specifications and you convert it according to your product’s needs.



With a high protective barrier, our printed film will offer both shelf appeal and extended shelf life. Suitable for food or non-food products. Use clear material to show off your product. Fully recyclable.


RecyclaFilm Paper

Perfect for fast-moving consumer goods and non-food products. Fully recyclable.

Benefits of printed film

  • Adaptable

    Whether it is for food bars, cakes or snacks, film can be converted in any size or depth, according to the product’s needs

  • Shelf Appeal

    HD prints and clear film can maximise customer engagement and make your brand a memorable one

  • Food Graded

    All of the materials used are BRC approved

  • Fast Lead Times

    Up to 10 working days

 “Our production lead times are slashed with digital print in comparison to other methods.”

Avatar Singh - Owner

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