Studio Services has a Studio team of people to manage the transition from artwork to product delivery.

Our in-house studio is equipped with Apple technology enabling us to offer services from concept through to delivery.

CS Pouch Studio services


We use a Preflight system to speed up turnaround times as files are quality checked for image quality, colour translation (RGB), font problems amongst other regular areas that may affect the final product.

Our customers who use preflight are notified within minutes if files are printable. Files are not just checked, but also fixed, with options such as adding bleed, marks, flattening transparencies, converting fonts to outlines, and checking spot color integrity, to name a few.

Auto Proof Creation

Our system automatically creates proofs based on templates including elements such as marks, trim, live area indicators, and finishing parameters. Proofs are automatically sent out for approval, and can also be downloaded as PDF’s.

  • Automated artwork proccing processes
  • Skilled team to make required amendments
  • Artwork proofing process
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