Spices and Herb Packaging 

With pouches.co.uk you can relax knowing your pouch design is in safe hands. We will add some spice & flavour to your pouch by using the latest HP printing technology, which will make your packaging sharper looking.

Custom made
pouches that are...

Cost effective

Essential marketing tool

Protecting your products from deterioration and damage

Recycling guide for your customers

Custom spices & flavour mix pouches made easy ...

What are the benefits of using a spice pouch?

Here’s a few reasons why we believe that flavour mix pouches are the future of spice packaging.

Why are our custom-printed pouches perfect for packaging spices and flavour mix?

  • UV rays protection
    Opt for aluminium materials to provide a high level of protection against light and heat.
  • Insulation
    Materials with EVOH barrier grant high oxygen, moisture and aroma protection.
  • Reusable
    Choose a resealable zip lock to encourage repeated use of the product.
  • Recyclable
    Choose Recyclafilm, for 100% at home recycling solution!