Why Pouches are the Perfect Solution for Spice Packaging

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When it comes to spices, your product must be protected. What you’re selling is a high-value commodity that will spoil if not kept absolutely fresh and perfectly dry. Achieving this can be quite complicated, but pouches for spices can offer a new and unparalleled solution to the storage of your product.

Why is Spice Packaging Important?

Spices are essential in the kitchen. They add to the flavour, colour, and aroma of food, so must appeal on these levels to attract, and please, a consumer. However, they can spoil quickly if not packaged properly, resulting in wasted money or a ruined meal; spice packaging is the key to preserving the integrity of your product.

For this reason, spices should be packed in containers that are airtight since exposure to moisture will damage them. In the same vein, spices should be kept out of contact with water and other liquids – they can often get soggy from excess moisture in an external environment. However, spices can also lose flavour and aroma when dried out too much. To prevent this, spice containers should provide a protective barrier against both oxidation and humidity.

spice Packaging is also important in helping avoid spillage or waste of spices – a resealable package allows the user to pack them securely with no likelihood of spillage and then open them up later as needed, with the reassurance their product will still be fresh.

Packaging for spices, more often than not, is bulky – making the commodity difficult to handle; containers for spices should be designed to allow easy access and plenty of surface area for the spice inside, whilst not taking up too much space.

Spice Pouch Packaging Applications

Spice pouches can be extensively used beyond containing spices. Once the user has finished with their spices, the pouch packaging can be reused, extending the lifecycle and reducing the carbon footprint of the material.

For instance, spice pouches can be alternatively reused for general food pouch packaging, providing a clean and organised way of preserving any loose food that may be sat around in your fridge or cupboards.

On the other hand, they can be used for non-edible items, storing away items around your house in a resealable, lightweight package.

Benefits Of Using Pouches for Spice Packaging

A spice pouch addresses all the concerns held about packaging for spices – including maintaining flavour, colour, and aroma to attract the consumer, whilst moreover being easily stored and resealed.

Stand up pouches for food packaging provide a lightweight, easy to store, hard to spill solution to your spice packaging. Pouches are much more flexible than other packaging materials, so are practical to store, and can be folded over as you make your way through the product. Their flexibility does not interfere with their ability to stand erect – safely containing your product within.

Pouches can be fully customisable, which can include a zip-lock feature for maintaining the freshness of your product, or even a transparent patch that acts as a window for customers. Being able to see the product enclosed is an effective way of appealing to customers, especially when spices are often judged on their vivid colouring.

Pouches also present a great personalised canvas on which to promote your brand through its associated colours, standing out far better than a wrap-around label on a jar, whilst still aligning with all the legal requirements for packaging and labelling.

Why Choose Pouches over Plastic Containers?

Plastic containers can also offer some of the benefits held by pouches for spices; they, too, can demonstrate the aesthetic appeal of spices, or can be customised to reflect your brand. However, pouches for spices can be created at a lower economic and environmental cost than other food packaging alternatives – such as plastic containers or glass jars – which can make them a preferred alternative for many businesses.

The relatively simple and comprehensive form of pouches mean they do not require additional expenditure on caps, lids, or inserts that most containers and jars need. And because your pouch is a single unit upon which all information from legal requirements to fun and eye-catching branding is printed, designing and producing your spice packaging in bulk is a much easier process.

Food pouch packaging can also offer a more environmentally friendly alternative than plastic containers or jars. Pouches have a lower carbon footprint than many packaging alternatives; they use up to three quarters less material than the production of standard jars or containers. Moreover, their lightweight, flexible form means they are easier to store and transport, generating some relief during the transportation process. With the ability to reseal and reuse your pouch alongside this, their lifecycle is extended.

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