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Reasons why our flexible pouches are the best for your cosmetic and personal care packaging needs...

  • CS Pouches Lightwieght Icon

    Lightweight, compact and resealable packaging

    Sample sachets and flexible pouches are the perfect packaging for cosmetic products destined for a subscription box, as they’re lightweight, compact and re-sealable.

    A more intuitive subscription package could even be contained within a giant pouch!

    They’re also still perfect for the shelf or being hung on a euro slot.

  • CS Pouches Highend Icon

    High-end look & feel

    With a range of different finishes available you can clearly capture a high-end feel with your product.

    Beauty products in particular can see amazing results by combining a matt finish with glossy highlights. This combination screams “luxury item” and will make your product stand out on any shelf.

  • CS Pouches Sustainable Icon

    Sustainable pouches & sachets

    Many beauty and care products are often packaged in bulky boxes sometimes containing excessive amounts of plastic. We aim to change the game by encouraging a greener approach to packaging.

  • CS Pouches Suitable Icon

    Suitable for all beauty products

    Unlike other packaging solutions, flexible pouches are suitable for a diverse range of products such as creams, powders, lotions and even accessories like false eyelashes.
    Pouches can be found across the personal care and cosmetics industry, some markets include:
    • Cosmetics manufacturers
    • Contract filling and co-packing operations
    • Cosmetic processing plants
    • Wholesale suppliers
    • Cosmetic distributors
    • Salons