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Bespoke Frozen Food Packaging

In the dynamic landscape of today's fast-paced world, the demand for convenient yet high-quality packaging solutions have never been higher. As a leading figure in flexible packaging, recognises and understands this growing trend, and we're proud to offer bespoke frozen food packaging solutions to brands across the UK.

Our customisable frozen food pouches are the perfect fit for a variety of food types including, but not limited to, frozen vegetables, succulent meats, and gourmet ready-to-eat meals. These freezer-friendly packaging options are designed to cater to the busy, modern consumer who seeks to maximise their time without compromising the gastronomic integrity and nutritional quality of the foods they relish.

For your packaging needs, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest quality pouches along with exceptional customer service to ensure a seamless packaging journey.

Custom Frozen Food Packaging

At, we create custom packaging solutions specifically designed for frozen food products. Our packaging not only ensures the freshness and integrity of your products but also serves as a powerful marketing tool to captivate your target audience.

Here's why our bespoke frozen food packaging stands out:

Premium Quality and Shelf Appeal

Standing out from your competitors is crucial for the success of your frozen food products. That's why we offer a range of finishes to enhance the look, feel, and durability of our packaging pouches.

Matt Finish

Matt Sample

Enhance the sophistication of your product by opting for a subtle and non-reflective matt finish. This finish exudes elegance and can give your product a high-end appearance on store shelves.

Gloss Finish

Glass Sample

If you desire a sleek and modern aesthetic, a gloss finish is the way to go. With its shiny and reflective surface, it will undoubtedly catch the eye of potential customers and provide your product with a contemporary edge.

Soft Touch Finish

Soft Touch CS Pouches

For an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, our Soft Touch finish is the perfect choice. This unique texture offers a feather-like feel, making your pouches more engaging and memorable to touch.

By carefully selecting the ideal finish for your packaging, you can not only retain the taste and texture of your frozen food products but also capture the attention of customers and set yourself apart from the competition. Count on for premium quality packaging solutions that leave a lasting impression.

We Offer Customisable Packaging Options

We provide a wide selection of packaging solutions to meet the needs of your brand. Our laminates, including MetPet and Clear Pet, consist of multiple layers and offer outstanding barrier properties. This makes them ideal for packaging various frozen food items, such as Frozen Fruit and Vegetables, Frozen Precooked Meals, Frozen Soups, Frozen Meat Products, and Frozen Desserts. With our high-barrier laminates, we are able to minimise material usage while ensuring the integrity of your products remains uncompromised.

Giving Your Packaging Sustainability

If you are seeking sustainable alternatives, we proudly offer 100% recyclable materials like RecyclaFilm. These environmentally friendly materials provide necessary barrier properties and great printing capabilities.

We also understand the importance of eco-friendly packaging in today's world. Our recyclable range provides a green packaging solution, contributing to a healthier environment.

Partner with us to elevate your packaging standards and make a positive impact on the environment.

Select From Our Wide Packaging Range

At, we offer a wide range of packaging solutions to cater to your specific needs.

Choose from our diverse product range and find the perfect packaging option for your frozen food products:

Our stand-up pouches provide stability and visibility on store shelves, allowing your frozen food products to stand out.

With various sizes and customizable features, these pouches are perfect for showcasing your brand and enticing consumers.

For space-efficient freezer storage and easy handling, our lay flat pouches are an excellent choice.

These sleek and compact pouches provide a convenient packaging solution for your frozen food items.

Make a lasting impression with our digitally printed film. We offer vibrant and eye-catching designs that enhance the visual appeal of your frozen food products.

Let your packaging reflect your brand identity and captivate your target audience.

Committed to sustainability? Our RecyclaFilm is made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your packaging aligns with your brand's green initiatives.

Choose our RecyclaFilm option to showcase your commitment to the environment.

Get Custom Packaging For Your Frozen Food Products in 5 Easy Steps...

Techniques and technology:

Example Frozen Foods in our pouches... can cater to your packaging needs for a multitude of frozen food products.

Here are some examples:


CS Pouches Seafood

Understanding the delicate nature of fish and seafood, has developed recyclable packaging solutions to ensure freshness and taste formats including stand up pouches, lay flat pouches, and custom roll stock packaging.

Our packaging solutions are perfect for seafood products, ensuring they reach consumers in prime condition.

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable

CS Pouches Fruit utilises its on-site pouch-making capabilities to provide lightweight, recyclable packaging solutions for frozen fruit and vegetables.

Whether you prefer stand-up pouches, lay flat pouches or printed film, our pouches provide a convenient and practical solution for your product needs.

We also offer recyclable pouches that can be recycled immediately, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

Meat & Poultry

CS Pouches Meat

With a deep understanding of the specific needs of the meat and poultry sector, provides recyclable flexible packaging solutions optimised for freezer storage.

Our pouches effectively preserve the quality of meat and poultry, maintaining the flavour and freshness even after prolonged freezing.

Ready Meal

CS Pouches Ready Meal

Drawing on decades of experience, supplies high temperature flexible packaging suitable for ovenable or microwaveable applications.

Our ready meal packaging guarantees the preservation of taste and quality, ensuring consumers enjoy a fresh and flavourful meal every time.

Transform Your Frozen Food Packaging By Connecting with

With our expertise in digitally printed packaging pouches, we can help you achieve your goals of enhancing brand visibility, boosting customer engagement, and staying ahead of the competition. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you and create packaging that sets your brand apart.

Take the first step and contact us today to discuss your frozen food packaging needs, explore customisation options, and embark on a packaging journey that drives success.

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