Our high definition digitally printed pouches are designed to fit your application perfectly.

Make your brand stand out with vibrant imagery or designs drawing consumers to pick your product.

Digitally Printed Pouches

A variety of options are available, including various sizes, materials, and opening/closing mechanisms.

As we are part of digital leader CS Labels, you can be sure that your stand-up pouch order is produced to a high specification and is delivered on time.

With our short-run presses, minimum order quantities are perfect to test the market reducing waste and savings costs.

Composition / Style

Doy Style Plastic Pouch

A doy style pouch has a raised domed bottom gusset. It suits lighter products where the pouch wouldn’t otherwise stand up.

Digitally Printed Pouches

A k-seal pouch has a gusset but is not domed. It has angled corners and a bottom seal and is most suited to heavier products.

Bespoke Flexible Pouches

A three-sided seal is flat without a gusset and sealed along three edges ready to be filled. Available in an array of materials with barrier films for food products (if required), these are often the most economic choice for pouches.

Additional Options

Curved corners
Our pouches can have the sharp cornered edged trimmed to avoid catching or potential damage to other products on the shelf.

Consumer usability
Need a re-sealable pouch? No problem! We can install zippers into our pouches allowing your customers to keep the pouch closed and fresh. Tear notches and euroslots are also standard features too.

Helping people buy with their eyes
Viewing windows to products are easily incorporated to allow people to see what they’re buying. These can be clear, opaque or tinted.

Pouch Features / Options

Digitally Printed Pouches Zip Seal

These are great for pouches requiring resealable openings. Zips provide repeated access to the product keeping the contents fresher for longer.

Digitally Printed Pouches Tear Notch

Tear Notches
These are to assist the end-consumer in opening the pouches. Notches are pre-cut and give quick, lean, easy access to the pouch contents.

Bespoke Printed Pouches Viewing Window

Viewing Windows
Windows are perfect to showcase the product inside the pouch. These can be any shape or size.

Digitally Printed Pouches Euroslots

These holes are punched through the pouch to be hung on Eurohooks.

Printed Pouches Curved Corners

Curved corners
We can wake the point from the pouch corners. This is a great option especially for pouches that are being sent in the post.

General Benefits

  • Brand delivery and Marketing opportunities can be delivered through high-definition digital print supporting brand recognition and great visual impressions for consumers
  • They offer the lowest percentage of waste of almost all packaging materials
  • Flexible packaging is widely converted into packaging for many diverse end-products. Bags, sacks, sachets, pouches, wrappers etc
  • It offers a variety of re-closure and dispensing options
  • Flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture and to transport than most other forms of packaging. It also generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market
  • High quality printing creates excellent shelf appeal and enables visibility of pack contents
  • Food packs maintain freshness, extending the shelf life of any products, especially food
  • Flexible packaging provides an efficient product to pack ratio, uses less energy and creates fewer emissions
  • Flexible packaging materials are lightweight, easily transported and handled, easy to open, store and reseal

Size Guide - Possible Weight Indications

Doy Pouch

Weight Held
Approximate Liquid
Volume Held
95mm wide x 150mm Tall 20:20 gusset (40mm OBG) 50g 100ml
100mm wide x 160mm Tall 20:20 gusset (40mm OBG) 50g-70g 250ml
120mm wide x 180mm Tall 20:20 gusset (40mm OBG) 100g-135g 500ml
130mm wide x 190mm Tall 20:20 gusset (40mm OBG) 100g-135g 500ml
150mm wide x 200mm Tall 20:20 gusset (40mm OBG) 150g-200g 750ml
170mm wide x 216mm Tall 28:28 gusset (55mm OBG) 250g-400g 1000ml
200mm wide x 214mm Tall 30:30 gusset (60mm OBG) 500g-750g 3000ml

OBG: Overall bag gusset

Approximate weight held (based on Red lentils)

Top of Pouch to Zip seal (approx. 40mm)